About me

I’m a confirmed epicure, a disciple of hedonism–and I’ll admit to having a consuming interest in food.  I like to eat, but I also like to cook.  I’ve been cooking for one for a long time; I’ve also cooked for many (privately and in restaurants).  Cooking for one may mean simpler dishes or fewer courses, but no lessening of quality.

“Gourmet” food need not be complex–start with excellent ingredients and some of the simplest dishes can be exquisite.  That’s why I’ve started this blog–I’d like to share with others how to have healthy and delicious food for one.

I also work on a farm, and sell at farmers’ markets, as well as garden for myself.  I firmly believe that using fresh herbs is a big part of easy cooking for one, so I grow lots of herbs, many in containers on my deck. There may well be digressions from cooking into gardening and farming.

Digital photography is just something else that I do for fun, so you’ll find some photographs (including some of the cat) mixed in with the posts. All writing and photographs on this website are mine, unless attribution is given.

There will be recipes that I have obtained from friends (from no known cookbook) that I’ll also share here because they are suited to single-serving cooking for one reason or another, or are special favorites, but names may not be used with these. I’m not a food stylist or a professional photographer, so the quality will vary.   I’m not a professional writer so that quality may vary too.

I would like to express my appreciation to Harris Teeter Corporate Headquarters located in Matthews, North Carolina, and to my local Harris Teeter supermarket at 1817 Martin Luther King Jr Parkway in Durham NC for allowing me to photograph meats, and produce for use in this blog.

This blog is not intended to provide lots and lots of recipes.  What I hope to do is to show that cooking for one can be easy examining frame from bee hiveand fun.  It can be healthy, and perhaps even help on the budget and the carbon footprint we leave behind, but let’s enjoy good food and wine, and friends!

... a son goût!