Kitchen skills

Knife skills

The most used and the handiest things in my kitchen are my knives–they are easier and faster to clean than a food processor; for single-serving cooking even though you may not be a whiz with a knife, it’s likely faster for the kind of quantities you’ll be using.  Here are some resources to sharpen you skills and add to your collection.

  • The Kitchn has some posts on knife skills as well as information on purchasing knives, and some chef’s favorites.
  • Epicurious knife skills videos  Short videos that will show you the basic skills of chop, dice, julienne, and sharpen your knives.  Site  also hast techniques for fruits and vegetables such as avocados, pineapples, joint a chicken, carving a turkey, and slicing meats.
  • Cook’s Illustrated How to Cook  More detailed presentation on using knives on different textures of fruits/vegetables.  May require registration/subscription, but if you want to improve you skills, access tested recipes as well, it’s well worth it!

Preparing exotic fruits

  • Mangos  How to select and cut mangos.

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