Green salads

Salads are good for you–we should all eat more salads.  There are so many things to put in a salad so that it’s not that ho-hum “house” or “chef’s” salad.  Sometimes I find combinations that just do SO well that I think that they are worth sharing.  This page is going to be a list of the combinations that I think are particularly good….it will continue to grow.  Unless a dressing is specified–it will have been a basic vinaigrette with your choice of vinegar or another acid.

Leave your favorites in the comments, please.


  • Radicchio, arugula, dates, hazelnuts, feta cheese.  (A friend brought this as a follower for oyster chowder–it’s a great combo. )


  • Bleu cheese: I love bleu cheese, and I’m looking for a good recipe (creamy or maybe not; mayo or maybe not). Imagine my surprise when I found a bleu cheese that I like in a meal plan for weight loss! The recipe from is a good one  Always Hungry? for a creamy dressing.

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