Summertime food safety

Ah, summertime!

For some of us it’s thunderstorm season–and that can mean occasional power outages.  Have you ever wondered about how long things are “safe” in your refrigerator or freezer?   I suspect that many of us don’t have that information, but we really should.

It’s also the season for picnics and outdoor eating, vacations where we’ll take along food for travel;  here are some links that relate to summertime food safety as well.

And, last but not least, just a brush-up on basic food safety and some additional information on some of the things that can cause foodborne illnesses (commonly know as “food poisoning”:
Finally, some information about emergency food supplies (for longer term outages or emergencies) like hurricanes etc.
 Take a few minutes to review so that you are prepared and safe–then go have fun and eat well!