Smoked Salmon

Definitely need to try this during the summer. The smoked lamb shanks worked so well.

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There is nothing better than smoked salmon when it comes to fish sandwiches. Of course smoked salmon is one of those foods that can probably be added to anything to make it taste better.

This is a great way to practice how to smoke food since it takes only a couple hours and is easily done on a home barbecue. For basic steps on how to smoke go here. When smoking salmon, or any fish, I like to make a large foil tray to hold the meat. This keeps the fish from breaking apart and makes it very easy to remove from the grill. Just fold a couple of sheets of tin foil together slightly longer than the fish fillet and then fold up the sides about an inch to create the tray. Then with a fork punch a bunch of small holes in the bottom to allow air…

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