Love or Loathe

A great veggie–especially straight from the garden. If you can’t grow them check your farmer’s market.

Promenade Plantings

I could be writing about the recent death of Margaret Thatcher couldn’t I? She has managed to divide opinion in life and in death. But this isn’t a political blog, life on the Promenade  is about gardening, growing and eating great food and here’s the parallel, my last post All about Brussels– not the sizeable Belgian City but the vegetable sprouting kind also polarised opinion. From reading the comments left here on the Promenade – you either love or loathe them.

It seems that many of us have suffered the long slow killing of Brussels Sprouts by interminable boiling. Boiling them to the point where they turned a greyish-green, soft and soggy, waterlogged and unpalatable, cooked to the point where they have given up on the will to live. I know my Granny cooked them like that and I bet there are a few of you who can relate to my memories. Why…

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