A jar opener that actually works

Black & Decker Lids Off jar opener

.It works!

I’m not one for a lot of kitchen gadgets but I have one that I wouldn’t want to be without–a Black & Decker  Lids Off jar opener.  I had tried all sorts in the past and really given up on all of them until a friend brought me one of these that she found on a prowl through a thrift shop–so it was cheap.  From Amazon.com they are NOT cheap–but if mine were to crump on me I’d be trolling through thrift shops or Amazon.com looking for another one.

I’ve only found two jars that it wouldn’t open–one was a Costco-sized jar of roasted red peppers–in other word, huge–so the upper grips wouldn’t spread quite enough to hold the lid.  The other was a jar with very rounded edges to the lid–also a jar of roasted red peppers–though smaller size.

This is not a bottle opener–it’s not designed for beer bottles or lids less than about 1-1/2-inches in diameter–I’ve not had occasion to try smaller than that. I used it on jars about 2-1/2-inches in height. The jar with the lid that was too big was a 4-inch diameter, so it does do a good range of sizes. (Have another gadget from the hardware store to handle these now.)

Even with those two “failures” this is a kitchen must if you have difficulty with opening jars for any reason.  It folds down for storage so it doesn’t have to stay on the counter all the time, but the handle on top lets you move it easily–altogether a worthwhile kitchen gadget!