Pernod Absinthe

As a fan of Pernod, both to drink and to in cooking (you can’t make bouillabaisse without it can you?), I found  this while browsing the Chef Mimi blog. There’s stuff here about Pernod that I didn’t know–but am pleased to know. So here’s Chef Mimi’s post on The King of Denmark reblogged, but you should go check out this blog for other recipes and good stuff.  (This post has made me want to see if I can find the absinthe version.)

the chef mimi blog

I’ve been saving this cocktail recipe for a while, even though it contains Pernod.
I don’t remember why I even have Pernod in my liquor cabinet, because I don’t like it. I drank it once in a village in Provence, while sitting on a rooftop watching the sun set. I managed to choke the stuff down because I felt I had to. I wanted that experience, like the times I choked down whiskey in Ireland and Scotland, and Grappa in Italy. But it was awful.

My mother was never much of a drinker for being French, but occasionally she would get out her Pernod, mix it with water, and enjoy it during the summer months. I could hardly get past the smell of the stuff – the pungent anise flavor.
Pernod Absinthe Pernod Absinthe
So the recipe I’d saved, called the King of Denmark I discovered at There is no…

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