Honey Bee Highways

I’ve been having a “bee binge” today–a look into my hive (which appears to be thriving) yesterday had an effect somewhat like the arrival of seed catalogs in winter–got me thinking about next summer, which engendered a search about producing comb honey. While I was searching, I found this post. It’s just too good not to pass on.

Bad Beekeeping Blog

This is how Canadians set out baskets of flowers along the road for bees.This is how Canadians set out baskets of flowers for bees.

Norway – the 2nd most liveable country in the world* – has yet another feather in its woolly cap. Or super on its hive, if you will. The Norwegians have a Honey Bee Highway.  That’s a trail of flower pots brimming with bee-friendly plants. (As opposed to bee-unfriendly plants like venus flytraps.) But no highway is ever perfectly paved, so there is a website which Oslo residents may visit to learn where the gaps in the beeway are. (The site is hosted by little Polli Pollinator, a nondescript creature who introduces herself with: “Hei! Jeg er Polli Pollinator!”) The idea of the bee highway is to provide bees with natural pollen at stations located no more than 250 meters apart.

Very well, then. Norway’s honey bee highway is strewn with stuff that Polli is expected to love…

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