With a lull in the rain, I went out to see what the girls were up to.  Not expecting a lot of activity with the cloudy day and the rain, but I was greeted with activity–just looking it certainly was not the usual in and out traffic. It looked a lot like utter pandemonium and chaos, but with closer observation I did  figure out what was happening.

Thanks to a video posted just yesterday on Bee Sweet Bee Farm I realized that I was seeing drones being ejected from the hive.  I think it’s considered house cleaning for the winter. On closer look at the landing board, there were a number of drones, lots of scuffling, and kicking butt–and the drones were not winners.  It was rather awesome to watch. Certainly makes you aware of ruthless side of survival!




About sa.fifer

Lover of good, wholesome food and wine. Cooks for one and the cat. Likes to paint-- a frustrated botanical illustrator and amateur (photographer) and fledgling birdwatcher, beekeeper, and Kindle addict. Works as a freelance indexer.

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