Vilgalys BeeBop liqueurYou are encountering something unusual–I’ve found a liqueur that I like–another one.  I’ve posted about Krupnikas, and about Beatnik–well, here’s another that I really like: Beebop.  Again from the Brothers Vilgalys, here in Durham. I’m a serious fan of this one too. It’s another vegetable in an unexpected place–not quite so unexpected as the beets since rhubarb is used to make wine.

The aroma is bright and warm. The first taste is bright, and spicy. As it warms in your mouth, there’s definite tartness (the rhubarb–not puckery or sharp at all) and a bit of floral tanginess (the hibiscus); it makes me think of sunshine. Then there’s forest warmth (allspice, chamomile, and rosemary combination perhaps) spreads though your mouth. The finish is long with the coriander really blossoming at the end.

Another awesome blend of vegetable, spices, herbs, and botanicals.  As this warms slightly above room temperature in my hands (in a snifter) the middle flavors become more complex.  For sipping these liqueurs definitely need to be treated  like a fine brandy–warmed slightly so that all the flavors come out, and in a balloon/snifter so that you can really get your nose into your appreciation of all the aromas as well as the tastes. With this one as with the Krupnikas and other liqueurs, it’s the balance. The allspice is more pronounced, pushing this toward warm flavor, but balanced by the “forest” flavor and the final long finish where the coriander comes out.

The Brothers Vilgalys describe this a tart and savory, with a dry finish.  Agreed, but it’s much more complex–this is serious sipping stuff.





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