Cabbage steaks

As a fan of cabbage in many forms other than coleslaw, I was delighted to find this recipe on Avocado Pesto for Vegan Cabbage Steaks with Tahini sauce. Try it–you’ll have a very pleasant surprise.

Addendum:  In reviewing my notes I realize I used only 2 teaspoons of mustard rather than 2 tablespoons  called for in the recipe. The dijon mustard that I have is REALLY potent. I think with 2 tablespoons that would have been the only flavor you’d get.

5 thoughts on “Cabbage steaks

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  4. Cabbage is certainly more versatile that we give it credit for. I did a variation of this for supper this evening–too warm to have the oven on, but I microwaved it for 3 minutes and then finished it on the cast iron griddle to get the browning. There are SO many sauce possibilities–lime and cilantro, peanut sauce…


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