Hiatus: Always Hungry?

Yes, there has been a dearth of posts here–not because of unwillingness, but because of my work schedule. I’ve had back-to-back books to index. As a result, my time at the apiary has been limited to what is strictly necessary, and my time in the kitchen for cooking has been about zilch, zip, nada, and none except for egg-based things like a quick variation of the frittata–transformed into scrambled eggs with greens, tomatoes, onions, and some cheese.

I maintained the weight loss from Phase 1, but I haven’t added to it. My maintenance of the meal plan has obviously slipped–just because I’ve not been trying any new recipes. Friends have told me that I really need to make the Shepherd’s Pie–maybe in about a week. Then, perhaps, the eggplant parmesan.

Fortunately, my freezer was stocked with the “leftovers” from Phase 1–recipes that could be used in all phases. The cabbage casserole freezes quite well–and so does the red lentil soup.

My freezer had some other things that were in keeping with the spirit of the plan and those got eaten as well. I did progress to Phase 2 (adding whole grains) by using some soups and one-pot dishes from my usual cooking–combinations of greens, meat, and whole grains.

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