quad feeder with jars in placeThe hives are quiet–I think mostly the ladies are hanging out at the feeders as there’s not much blooming right now. Goldenrod is anticipated but it’s hot and dry. I need to go for a walk on the Third Fork Trail to see what is happening there since I’m sure my bees make it that far to forage. Judging from the rate the sugar syrup disappears there’s not much coming into the hive.

It’s about time for me to do another inspection but I can’t do mite treatment right now because of the heat,  and I doubt that there’s been an increase in food stores yet, so I’ve put it off (and hoping for some cooler weather to don the bee suit since the ladies were so testy last inspection).

I did make a trip to the bee store (Bailey Bee Supply) to get some jars for the honey that will go on display at the state fair (No, not the little bear ones). As I was driving along looking at the roadside I did see a tiny bit of yellow showing on the tips of the goldenrod as I approached Hillsborough–but not around the Durham area; certainly no asters yet.

Now…must go buy more sugar!


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