I know I’ve been missing–I’m back now. I’ve just finished an BIG indexing project that was horrendously complicated by software and file difficulties and thus expanded to consume all possible time.

In the process the kitchen is a disaster–my eating has consisted either of going out (simply to get away from the computer and out of the house) or simply grazing. Needless to say, that kind of eating has made it’s mark when I step on the scales. Now it’s time for me to get back to cooking like the Always Hungry? meal plan calls for. It’s depressing when I realize how much I slipped cooking that at least kept in the spirit of the plan.

But…time to get things back on track. The one thing I did do during this work time was to modify the cabbage casserole from the Always Hungry?  plan to work in the slow cooker. Took a bit of doing, but the final dish tasted just as good. I’ll update that in a couple days. Meanwhile I’m just having a lazy Sunday to recuperate from the work schedule.




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