Cover of Serve YourselfI have a number of favorite food writers–but some special favorites are those who cook for one (or maybe two), e.g. Nigel Slater,. Judith Jones, and Joe Yonan, who have a kind of get-in-there-and-do-it attitude.

I came across an post in The Kitchn with tips from Joe Yonan on “Five Essentials for Solo Cooking” that I thought I’d share.I think there are some good suggestions for those of use who don’t have a loving relationship with “leftovers” for three or four days in the week.

I particularly like his “building block” suggestion, especially since many of us shop where things are packaged for family, not for one. The freezer is a great adjunct to cooking for one, but it’s sometimes easy to plop something into the freezer and it gets forgotten until much, much later when you’re wondering what is this frozen lump of mystery stuff. With the caveat that you remember to date and label it a huge help in dealing with things like chili and soups, especially when the work schedule gets hectic.

Even though I work from home, like to cook (and eat well) sometimes deadlines get in the way of cooking, even something quick like a chop or steak which takes only minutes to cook.Then it’s time to delve into the freezer either for a full meal or some building blocks to put together something suitable for the weather and your mood.

A son gôut!