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Books for the cook

For those of you looking for possible gifts for the cook, here’s a list from The Washington Post  of “The 31 Best Cookbooks of 2016”.

I’d add to the list (even though some weren’t published just this year):

  • Dandelion & Quince: Exploring the Wide World of Unusual Vegetables, Fruits and Herbs, Michelle McKenzie, Roost Books, 2016
  • Bitter: A Taste of the World’s Most Dangerous Flavor, with Recipes, Jennifer McLagan, Ten Speed Press, 2014.

  • The Broad ForkHugh Acheson, Clarkson Potter Publishers, 2015.

If you’re adventurous and believe that we should make better use of the animals that we use for food rather than just the choice bits (like steaks, chops, and roasts) you might also check books by Fergus Henderson  and other books by Jennifer McLagan for more on nose-to-tail approach to food and recipes.

For fun reading (with recipes mostly for one or two) there’s always Nigel Slater (one of my favorites).






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  2. Thanks for the list (plus additions)!


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