Green salad with tuna

It’s been a day when I feel like I’ve accomplished nothing–but I really ran a lot of errands and went computer shopping (yes, the “old” laptop that is my main indexing computer seems to have given up the ghost).  After a day like this, and when the temperature is getting to summer levels here, I wanted something easy, and light, for supper.  After perusing the refrigerator and the pantry, I settled on a leafy green salad with tuna.  (No, not tuna salad–salad with tuna.)

The contents of the fridge included some lettuce foraged from the garden of a friend who gardens seriously.  I had some green oakleaf and some red lettuce–a good start towards my veggies for this evening.

I’ll admit to a fondness for tuna–even the canned–so long as it’s good canned tuna, and packed in olive oil.  I simply don’t “do” water-packed tuna! Preferably the kind that isn’t cooked twice and all mashed and smushed into a paste. Of course, I’d rather have my own tuna confit, but I’m waiting for a manager’s special on the fresh tuna to replenish my supply of that for the summer.  Good canned tuna is a pantry staple for me–winter or summer–yes, I like tuna melts, and tuna noodle casserole, too.

I took my lovely fresh lettuce, added fresh herb leaves: French tarragon, epazote, spearmint (leave out chocolate mint), shiso, oregano, cutting celery, dill, and some parsley leaves.  (Just as good as the packaged stuff from the grocery that has the herbs in it), added some cherry tomatoes, a Persian cucumber, and the drained tuna (that was packed in olive oil). Add two walking onions (didn’t have green onions in the veggie bin in the fridge), and it’s a salad.

For a dressing I used lemon juice, freshly ground black pepper, a tad of salt, and some Sicilian olive oil to make a vinaigrette.  I used my favorite “gadget” to make the vinaigrette quickly–a Ball/Mason jelly jar, and some vigorous shaking does it–no need to clean even the the immersion blender.

One large, fresh green salad with tuna and fresh herbs–enjoyed sitting on the deck watching the hummingbirds, with a glass of white wine.

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