Eggplant bacon?!

I like breakfast–but not at the crack of dawn. I am trying to get food on the inside me earlier in the morning and I know I need to eat more vegetables–they are good for you. Eggplant IMG_4285The more nutrition and “diet” reading I do the more I realize how important fiber (and thus vegetables) is in diet, and that it would be good to have vegetables included in all my meals. As much as I like omelets and frittatas, I need more ways to get more veggies at breakfast and at other times, too.

Eggplant is a vegetable of which I’m not particularly fond. Nutritionally, I suppose it is good for me–or at least a filler. According to  USDA nutrient information, eggplant is right about with iceberg lettuce and cucumbers–which is certainly not saying much. But it does have fiber!

So you’re wondering where did the breakfast thing come from?  Well, I don’t often find an eggplant recipe that puts me in gotta-try-that mode but the “bacon” got my attention as I was browsing through my email notifications from  Kitchn. (I suspect it was really the “bacon”, not the eggplant that did it, since bacon will always get my attention.) A post on how to make eggplant into bacon caught my eye. The pictures looked really good and it made me think “breakfast vegetable” other than tomatoes, spinach, kale, mushrooms…

After I finished reading about bacon, I noticed that there were recipes for eggplant bolognese, eggplant jerky, and eggplant burgers–which I doubt that I will ever try–eggplant bacon, maybe! 


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