Chicken thighs

I cook a lot of chicken for myself–especially since I can buy chicken parts in quantities suitable for single-serving cooking. Don’t get me wrong, I love roasting a whole chicken–20161119_165833in fact to me that’s preferable to turkey (though I do use some turkey). I occasionally get leg quarters or breasts but my go-to is thighs (usually bone-in).

Obviously, I’m always looking for inspiration and this Bon Appetite article popped into my inbox some time ago, and I have finally gotten around to looking at it.  I view recipes as sources of inspiration so a collection of 39 different recipes is a great thing to find.

I’ll admit that I was never a real fan of Bon Appetite magazine (in hard copy form) until I discovered the online special sections like Healthish and Basics as sources of techniques and other information–even though I’m really past the “basics” stage of cooking. This collection of recipes for chicken thighs (my favorite part of the chicken) has some very interesting flavor combinations and additions for that basic chicken thigh–like cucumber-rhubarb salsa.

If you cook for one the skillet and/or sheet pan recipes are especially easy to adapt to single-serving (or maybe two) cooking. Sure, chicken parts are more expensive initially, than just getting a whole bird but not in the long run–when you consider the waste you’re likely to have with a whole bird for one person (especially if you’re one of those truly weird people who really doesn’t care for breasts.



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