I’ve just spent some time browsing the web while cleaning out my email inbox.  One of those was from Epicurious–a website that I use for features like The Food Dictionary and recipes from some cooking magazines to which I like to have access, but to which I don’t want to subscribe or have hard copy (e.g. recipes from Gourmet, Bon Appétit, Self, and other sources) since many of the recipes don’t fit my cooking style.

The most recent email was about eCookbooks–whole cookbooks available for purchase online.  Being a cookbook addict, and short of space for another bookcase, I’ve looked at Kindle editions of some books (Mark Bittman’s Salted and Food Matters Cookbook) and I find this an appealing option.

In checking out relative prices, I used Salted since I have the Kindle edition of that.  The Kindle price was $18.99; the hardcover edition, $23.10 plus shipping; and $18.99 from the eCookbook service at, so price is moot on Kindle or eCookbooks.

The preview on eCookbooks does not let you access the index to see how that functionality compares with what’s available on the Kindle edition. Obviously I’m not about to buy a second copy of something that I already have, but I’m seriously considering trying this service, especially to see if the indexes really work and are in a format that can be easily used.

As I am already a subscriber to Eat Your Books, I’ll be interested to see if the page references from that service can be “translated” to the eCookbook as well.   I’m sure I’ll have more information for you on the service shortly!