Weighing and measuring

I just realized that the measurements for the coffee walnut cake are metric. I do either metric or US/English–but if you don’t work by weight, or have problems with the conversions, here is a link to a good converter on The Gourmet Sleuth.

1130800v2If you find you enjoy baking,
scales are a real time-saver–in terms of ease of measurement, fewer bowls to wash, and conversions. Press a button and you can do metric or pounds/ounces measurements. If you’re not using weight and need conversion, e.g. grams to ounces, The Gourmet Sleuth site has a calculator to do that for you.

These will handle up to 11 pounds, and will zero/tare at the push of a button so it’s possible to one ingredient after another into a single bowl–like the mixer bowl! The display also pulls out so that it’s easy to read even if you are using a large bowl.

My scale simple lives on the counter since I use it so often. Many times since I’m doing single-serving cooking I do ratios, as in How to Cook without a Book and by weight is much easier and faster than by volume–even for water!

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