OMG, what’s that smell?

Reading a Facebook post the other morning from a friend who posted about a situation that I’ve experienced–something presumably a mouse, dying in the wall (and the resulting olfactory stimuli that pervade the environs),  brought to mind another olfactory experience….

cat checking fridge

just checkin’

Early morning. Open refrigerator door to get milk for morning café au lait. Pour milk.  Open fridge door, put milk back. Something finally filters through to the conscious level even without the coffee yet. OMG! What is that smell? What has died in there? 

Drink coffee, come back for second  round.  Pour milk, put milk back.  Have second cup of coffee.  Recheck fridge.  Drat!  I really did smell something that needs to go away urgently. Something smells weird in there and it’s not  in the league of things handled by baking soda.

One of my least favorite morning events–I’ve just discovered that, even though I’ve thought about it for several days and procrastinated, I now HAVE to clean out the fridge.

It seems that the fridge is the best (most accurate?) reflection of the general state of life in this household. There are areas of my home which are constantly disaster areas, not a big deal–they just are; but I know I’m in trouble when the fridge becomes one.

When I’ve been hassled, harried, beleaguered, and generally frenetic, that’s when the fridge gets out of control. Usually when it’s least convenient to have to pull everything out to find the culprit, but there’s no escaping it–I have to  do it NOW!

The current fridge situation, corresponds to the very noticeable, or notable, hiatus here (sounds better than just saying gap or hole).  For the last several months I’ve dealt with a Clostridium difficile infection that has really turned by life kind of kitty-wampus (not over yet, but improved). Fortunately, since I work at home as a freelance indexer and the one course that I was teaching at a local community college was online, I was able to keep on with those things.

Cooking was another matter altogether since I had absolutely no appetite. At the best of times I can be a pernickety eater (as I’ve said before I don’t deal well with “leftovers”), but add don’t-feel-well-but-must-eat, and that just fills up the fridge with all sorts of odds and ends.

The places in my home that are usually disaster areas, are still, and even more, disastrous, and I’ve added new ones–but most urgently it’s the fridge!  I have to get that sorted so that I can get back to normal cooking since I’m beginning to regain an interest in food (eating and not just reading cookbooks) and actually cooking.

So, into the depths of the fridge….

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