Dark Chocolate Pavlova with Strawberries

Note:  This a post from Dinner of Herbs that I wanted to share.

If you love strawberries, and chocolate, you need to check out this Dark Chocolate Pavlova with Strawberries while there are still luscious strawberries…

Chocolate is Your Friend

As confirmed chocoholic, I just had to pass this on by reblogging it. Love goat cheese, love chocolate….must try.

Rufus' Food and Spirits Guide

Take two thick slices of ciabatta, slather with goat cheese, top with chopped dark chocolate (an ounce of each per slice) pop in the oven at 350 until they get all gooey, about 10 minutes and viola. If you’d like, sprinkle on some sea salt or sliced strawberries to end.

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Hot chocolate

As an avowed, fervent chocoholic, I have to share this link with you.  Hot chocolate has to be one of my favorite treats.  I’ve never tried adding butter.  If I’m feeling really decadent, I’ll use half and half to make it.  From Frugal Feeding a recipe for hot chocolate.

Chilli and Nutmeg Dark Chocolate Bark

I have to try this–I’ve had dark chocolate with nutmeg and love it…and dark chocolate and chili and love that (but then I’m a serious chocoholic anyway).


chilli dark chocolate bark

When one really takes time to delve into all things festive it quickly becomes clear that it is unlikely that there will ever be an end to Christmastime culinary possibility. In fact, it turns out that it’s dreadfully difficult to keep one’s blog up-to-date with all that is being produced. The weather is the entity most at fault here, but what can one do? It’s difficult to castigate the weather – it makes a mockery of us all.

Following on from my recent monologue regarding presents and the meaning of Christmas, a little gifting advice may be necessary. For those of you that weren’t aware, chocolate is always a safe bet – is there anyone who doesn’t covet one form of chocolate or another? It is in this spirit that I bring you my recipe for chilli and nutmeg dark chocolate bark; it is both frugal and spectacularly delicious. Perhaps…

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