Kitchen gloves

I hadn’t really thought much about “dish” gloves even though I don’t have a dishwasher until I saw this article from on “5 Surprising Things I Learned from Using Dish Gloves”.  I do have gloves in my kitchen–True Blues. Since I’m washing dishes only for myself most of the time I don’t usually put them on–I either get my hands wet or use a brush: however, I do have some “rubber” (actually probably neoprene), lined, heavy gloves that offer heat protection and that I use in place of “hot pads” for a lot of things. They have textured “hands” so it’s easy to get a good grip. 71NNQBEEKxL._SL1500_[1]

These gloves are not really “dish” gloves–they are closer to safety gloves and were likely intended for a restaurant dishwasher. I can wash dishes in them, but they have a lot of other uses, too. They are great for handling very hot dishes or pans. Since I can put them on and wash them just like I would wash my hands before handling food, they are great for flipping that chicken or turkey easily or get hot dishes out of the Instant Pot.

These are kitchen gloves–though they would be suitable for cleaning anywhere and even with harsh chemicals,–these are cooking gloves. These are machine washable and heat safe up to 185°F.  You can get small, medium, or large–and they are latex free. Though not cheap–probably $12-$16, they are a bit like the energizer bunny.  Found in high-end kitchen stores like Williams-Sonoma or Vermont Country Store.