Whole and ground spices

I don’t buy ground spices–not even cloves and cinnamon. I have a drawer full of whole spices and multiple ways to reduce them to the ground state. Mortar and pestle for larger quantities. For the small amounts I frequently use when cooking just for me (and the cat) I have a little cast iron grinder that is cute enough to live on the table with the pepper grinders, or small enough to fit right into the drawer with the spice jars. And for something like cinnamon which, depending on the variety, can be difficult even with the mortar and pestle, an electric “coffee” grinder that’s used only for spices.

Often recipes call for ground, so trying to get the right amount can be tricky. I found this article from Epicurious useful so I thought I’d share.

How to Swap Whole Spices for Ground (and Vice Versa)