Eating alone is OK

9780451493606As a single person who cooks, I often find myself eating alone–and I don’t find that to be a problem.  Eating alone doesn’t mean that you are lonely.  It simply means you can please yourself as to what you cook and eat.  Many seem to think that it’s a barren occasion and one that does not deserve much attention to the food.  I disagree.  It’s when there can be the most attention to food.

What Do You Cook When No One Is Watching? from Taste magazine sums it up nicely.  True it’s promoting a cookbook (SOLO by Anita Lo) which I suspect I will buy after I’ve seen the sample on my Kindle.  There are not many cookbooks addressed to cooking for one so it’s delightful to think there is another to peruse.

A son gôut!


4 thoughts on “Eating alone is OK

  1. Great find! I still have a cookbook for one or two from when I first left college. It was great to have good recipes already divided down to a manageable size. I still have favs in there I use now for just hubby and me.


    • It’s easier to double a single-serving recipe than to try to cut down one for even four servings. What’s the cookbook that you have I also like Nigel Slater’s recipes. They are “loose” enough to adapt them for one if needed; a lot of his are for one or maybe two.


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