I am a big fan of popcorn. I’ll take that over potato chips, or any other variety of chips almost any time. It’s just the thing to go with a good book while you’re having a duvet day.

PopCorn MakerYou can probably even make a case that it is at least “healthy-ish”–compared to most other snacks that come in bags from the grocery store–and it’s more fun. You can custom tailor the seasoning to fit your mood. At least I know what’s in it if I’ve popped and seasoned it myself.

I’ve gotten very fond of my Lékué PopCorn Maker for making popcorn in the microwave (and that’s about the only thing I do in the microwave).  I will admit to using oil (usually about 1-1/2  tablespoons of olive oil for about 1/3 cup popcorn) when popping popcorn. For some awesome popcorn, use just a little Baklouti chili pepper (fused) olive oil (about 1 teaspoon) with the regular olive oil. Wow!

Other favorite infused oils (all from Bull City Olive Oil) to touch up my popcorn with are harissa, chipotle, or garlic.

While I don’t often do stove-top popcorn, I did find some interesting suggestions for other flavorings to try from Taste in “Really Good Popcorn“: brewer’s yeast, dulse flakes (I know I like other seaweed seasonings), and Urfa biber (described as in that article as “a dried Turkish chile pepper with a raisin-like sweetness, a subtle spice, and the gentle acidity of a lightly roasted Ethiopian coffee”–that sounds totally great.  Since I’ve used Aleppo pepper on popcorn and that makes this sound very interesting to me.

A son gôut!



For the most part I’ll pass on “snacks foods” except for popcorn! I love popcorn–not the microwave bags that come from the supermarket–but made from real popcorn kernels that come in a jar or a bag with nothing added.

Sriracha sauce bottles

“Rooster” sauce

I tend to sprinkle my popcorn with garlic powder, or chilli powder, or…whatever seems appropriate at the time.

While browsing the internet I found two “recipes” for popcorn that I thought I should share just in case there might be other popcorn lovers out there somewhere.

One of the staples in my kitchen is Sriracha sauce–never mind the Texas Pete or the Tabasco, but must have Sriracha around.  I’d not though of using it with my favorite snack of popcorn, so when I stumbled on a reference to that I just had to check it out.

One is for rosemary parmesan popcorn and the other for Sriracha popcorn, both from Taste Love & Nourish–from someone who is obviously a popcorn lover too.

chili garlic sauce

chili garlic sauce

Since I like garlic with my popcorn, I think I’ll try this with my other favorite condiment Chili Garlic (from the makers of Rooster sauce) though the consistency is different, but worth a try as well.

I think I’ll get out the chili garlic stuff and a paper bag–though I do have a microwave popcorn popper that you can use as a bowl, so I guess I dispense with the paper bag.

Now what do I want for a beverage with this one?